DTL Driving

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Our manual driving lessons are perfect for those who want the full driving experience. You'll learn how to control the car entirely, giving you the skills to drive a wide range of vehicles.

Areas Covered: WV10, WV11, WV12, WV13, WV14, WS10, WS2, WS3

Enjoy the ease and simplicity of driving an automatic car. Our automatic lessons, especially in the new MG4 Electric, are ideal for those who prefer a more straightforward approach to driving.

Areas Covered: WV11, WV12, WV13, WS3, WS2

If you're looking to get your driving license quickly, our intensive courses are the perfect solution. Tailored to your skill level, these courses are designed to fast-track your learning process. Speak to us about your tuition requirements today to see how we can help you progress.

Fast-Track Driving Test

Get your driving license in less than a month with our Fast-Track Driving Tests. This service is ideal for learners who need to get their license swiftly and have the ability to learn at an accelerated pace.

Pass Plus Courses

Our Pass Plus courses are designed to take your driving skills to the next level. This course covers various driving conditions and situations, helping you become a more proficient driver.

Motorway Lessons

Gain confidence on the motorway with our specialized lessons. These sessions focus on high-speed driving, overtaking, and lane discipline, ensuring you’re comfortable and safe on the motorway.

Driving Instructor Training

Interested in becoming a driving instructor? Our instructor training program provides comprehensive training, both online and in-car, to prepare you for a rewarding career in driving instruction.

Refresher Courses

For those who haven’t driven in a while, our refresher courses are designed to help you regain your confidence on the road. We’ll help you brush up on your driving skills and get you back behind the wheel with confidence.

Technology-Driven Learning

All our services are supported by our innovative app, which allows you to manage your lessons, track your progress, and stay connected with your instructor.